We, at Solaris, while designing and building our new 42 ft assigned ourselves a top priority: the yacht had to be stiff and unaffected by any deformation and torsion in all sea and wind conditions. For this reason also the 42’, like all other Solaris models, boasts composite bulkheads laminated not only to the hull, but also and most importantly of all to the deck with no need for inner mouldings and silicone bonding. The result is a structurally solid yacht, compact and monolith and easily accessible for inspection of the yachts structure throughout. The Solaris 42’ is innovative in the volume created and in the use of the interior space and offers comfort that only a 44/45 ft can boast: 3 wide cabins, of which the master cabin has a central berth, forward headboard and en-suite bathroom and shower, another comfortable and spacious bathroom, plus a saloon of 2 meters 40 cm! Big sister of the 37’, the 42’ takes up its design concept with aesthetics that enhance its functionality. The deck layout and the placement of the control lines are designed to facilitate easy handling even with a crew of only two people. The 42’ is a cruiser-racer based on ORC rules, designed by Soto Acebal and features a strong and carefully handcrafted construction, intended to satisfy the most demanding owners in search of maximum performance, comfort and safety at sea.

More information about the Solaris 42 can be found here.